Travel Tips

1. Patience
With traveling you can come across a few bumps along the road, it is important to remain calm. Don’t get annoyed or upset with things you cannot change.

2. Wake up early
To avoid missing some of the best attractions, wake up early. Not only do you get there first but the morning is also the best time to snap those pictures.

3. Laugh a little
Expect to look like a fool at times, traveling to new places can be tricky. Instead of feeling embarrassed or ashamed laugh it off. It is okay to mess up sometimes.

4. Load extra cash
In order to travel and explore, you need money. Make sure to stash some extra cash in case of any emergencies. It is possible to lose your wallet, you will be glad to know you kept some money away. You can stash it in your socks, toiletry bag… the choice is yours.

5. Scarf up
Apparently, a scarf is a useful travel accessory. It helps with protection against the sun and could even be used as a carrier bag.

6. Slow down and observe
If you want to get the feel or the vibe of a particular place it is recommended that you sit down somewhere (a park) by yourself and watch the day to day life of the place. Embrace the colors, the people, the sounds, human interactions and so much more.

7. Back it up
Thieves are everywhere, keep both digital and photo copies of your personal documents including passports, driver’s license, health insurance card, important contact numbers in case of an emergency. Back up your documents from your laptop onto a hard drive.

8. Create memories
Take as many pictures as possible, it is important to create and store memories of places and people you meet for the first time. It doesn’t cost a thing and they are easy to share with others who aren’t on the journey with you.

9. Perseverance pays off
If you are experiencing trouble on your trip keep in mind that there is a way to fix it and don’t give up. Don’t give in to comments such as “Nothing can be done”. Keep trying.

10. Interact with others
Don’t be afraid to share a smile or a friendly hello with the locals. This is a quick and easy way to meet new people and experience the place on a human interaction level11. Budget travel
Just like any scenario, it is important to keep a budget in mind. In that way, you will be able to explore all the attractions. Don’t waste money on unnecessary things. Go over budget occasionally.

12. Practice empathy
When visiting a new place there are always going to be people with different views. Even though your opinions different to others, don’t force it on them. Embrace different people, cultures, suggestions, opportunities, and interest.

13. Choose to volunteer
It is worthwhile to volunteer occasionally to certain projects. It is a rewarding experience and is a great learning opportunity. Not only will you learn new things about the country you are in but in the meantime, you’ll make new friends.

14. Don’t be afraid
The world out there could be crazy at times yes, therefor keep a lookout for sketchy situations, and listen to your gut. However, don’t let it be the main focus on your trip. Most people are friendly and willing to help you out.

15. Visit more places
Don’t be afraid to take a walk and experience the small towns where people live and work. Write down the name of the place where you staying at just in case you get lost. And if you have any questions, ask the friendly people in the neighborhood for guidance.

16. Eat local food
This is probably one of the best things about traveling. Tasting different foods in the particular place you’re in is a must. Ask local people for recommendations or surf the net to find out where the best spots are.

17. Take time to explore
Plan your trip properly, avoid going to too many places in one week. Spend more time in the place for maximum enjoyment. Good things take time.

18. Write about your traveling experiences
It might seem old fashioned but keep a journal. Information such as names of people and places, feelings regarding your trip, your day to day journey, and these things are important and add value to your trip.

19. Face your fears
I know that this is easier said than done, but try to do things you never thought you’d do. If you are not hiker, go for hike and experience what you’ve been missing out on. This is the perfect time to do this, because travelling entails new adventures anyway.

20. Pack less
Packing less is key when it comes to travelling. Pack what is necessary for trip, you don’t want to overspend on packing too much items. You might want to keep space for some of the new things you’re going to buy.

21. Maintain a healthy body
Travelling can easily put you out of shape. Sleep enough and create a workout schedule for yourself, even if it means taking a walk in the morning. Use sunscreen and drink lots of water.

22. Stay in contact
It is not always the case where you get to have everybody you love with you on this trip. Stay in touch with family and friends, technology has made it possible for us to call or video call (skype). Maintaining a strong relationship and connection with the people you know is of importance.

23. Travel insurance
With travel insurance you don’t have to worry about hospital bills or stolen personal items. These things are bound to happen on a trip, such as getting sick or getting robbed. Get that travel insurance to avoid any disappointments.


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