Cape Town Minstrel Carnival

Also known as Kaapse klopse is one of the most famous events which occur in Cape Town where we celebrate new year in a

vibrant carnival. It is different from the rest of the carnivals around the world. It displays Cape Towns diversity and rich culture.

Tweede Nuwe Jaar.

The Cape Town Minstrel Carnival takes place every single year around new year. Thousands of musicians, singers, dancers and tailors get together during this time, where they get ready to explore and perform as Kaapse Klopse or Coon Carnival. Get ready to see artist and performers geared up in beautiful bright colours. These colours express the joyous and vibrant event taking place.

The origin of this particular event goes back to the 19th century. Slavery in Cape Town adds a important factor to this event, when original citizens in District six were allowed a day off in January on new years day. This event also ties to the minstrel entertainers who stopped in Cape Town.The specific style of music and performances was influenced by groups of African American minstrels who arrived in Cape Town on ships.

Over ten thousand guest, artist and performers have their faces painted in white compared to the original black painted faces. They then march and parade through the streets through dancing and singing. There are even costume competitions held at Green Point Stadium. The festivities continue up until the month of February at Athlone stadium in the Cape flats.

This is a celebration that holds a piece of history. But most importantly it is a celebration of life and going into a new year. Songs such as ‘take me back to Mannenberg’ and ‘Welcome to Cape Town’ is sung by bands called dixies and the district six. This has turned something negative, the days of slavery, into something rather exciting. Most of those involved are from the third and fourth generation.

Cape Town invites you to watch thousands of people of the Cape coloured community with cultural music and dance celebration. See artist and performers dressed in glittery uniforms, face paint,hats, bright colours and much. Tradition is what makes this event special.

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