Cape Town Shuttle Services have operated as a paramount shuttle operator in Cape Town for more than a decade. We have been providing luxuriously comfortable services to our clients for many years.

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With a range of services such as Shuttle services, city tours, driver hire, free quote and many others, Cape Town Shuttle Service prides itself in being the most customer friendly shuttle service providers in South Africa. Since its inception, the primary aim of Cape Town Shuttle services has been to offer professional, personalized, convenient and cost-effective services for our clients. We have been serving the needs of our happy customers for many years. We are dedicated to reducing the customer's stress by providing satisfaction to them and cost-friendly solutions. We are undoubtedly the most reliable and convenient Shuttle services provider in Cape Town.

Why us?

Cape Town Shuttle Services offer you with:

No haggling

With minimum taxes, we offer you with the least prices keeping the customer convenience in mind. We also offer the services of getting a free quote before the drive, so that you can see actually what you will be spending on the drive or the service that you are signing up for. Our prices are very competitive and lower as compared to other shuttle operators in Cape Town.

Travel services

Ensuring your comfort and care, we take you anywhere around South Africa to make sure that you reach your destination safely.
Reliable drivers
Our drivers are very reliable and experienced. They know their way around South Africa very well. So, be confident that you are in safe hands and will reach your desired destination on time due to non-stop facilities.

Range of vehicles

We have a fleet of different sized vehicles for all travel types. So, if you’re an executive traveling on an important tour, or a family vacationing or friends enjoying, we have something for everybody. Our fleet ranges from sedans to luxury shuttles, and from minivans to medium to large shuttles.

Friendly customer service

Our customer service representatives are always online and alert. They are highly qualified and experienced to handle all your queries. The travel consultants are excellent in providing you with the best options available for when you are unaware of your travel needs. We help you throughout your journey by arranging the drivers on hire and city tours so that you get to experience the South African lifestyle to its fullest and enjoy your stay in South Africa in utmost luxury and comfort.

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