Every year Cape Town grows in hip and top restaurants or joints. Cape Town Shuttle Services is proud to take you on a journey where you can experience and taste some of the best foods. Whether it may be African themed or seafood; Cape Town offers most.

Keep in mind that it is important to be equipped with an empty stomach and hungry eyes.


4Roomed eKasi Culture is a well-known restaurant in Khayelistha. The owner of this restaurant that focuses on healthy eating and encouraging others to grow fruit and vegetables in their own gardens. The restaurant offers a sense of nostalgia, she (the owner) pays tribute to South Africa’s local cuisine, adding a touch of heritage and pride. This particular business caters to:

  • fine-dining private events
  • offers takeaways
  • sells homemade organic and locally sourced pantry items to take home.

Meals are prepared with love and care, and the business offers a three-course meal.

El Burro

El Burro is situated in Greenpoint and is a fantastic Mexican restaurant. Most visitors state that this restaurant has great ambiance and friendly service, lest we forget the amazing food. From favorites to building your own tacos, a traditional Mexican dish. The decor is vibrant and warm, and during the lovely summer days the balcony is a high request.

  • build your own taco is highly recommended
  • The classic El burro ceviche is a perennial favorite
  • Tequila is the main source of drink
  • vegetarians are well catered for

Hudsons Burger Joint

Everyone enjoys a good burger. Hudson Burger joint is situated in the Gardens. It is well known for its delicious hamburgers and famous happy hour. The vibe and energy of the restaurant and bar are always high.

  • Well priced drinks, cocktails, craft beers, shooters etc
  • vibey neighborhood
  • vegetarians are well catered for
  • generous portions

Asian, House Sushi and Grill

It is always good to try traditional dishes from around the world. From traditional Asian sushi to hot and saucy dishes. There is a range of foods for you to choose from. Guest are able to watch chefs doing what they do best; offering you a plate filled with vibrant colors. After all, we do eat with eyes.

  • Young and vibrant waiters
  • carousel is endless
  • a small selection of desserts
  • conveyor belt in the front room
  • For privacy or more intimacy, you can find a table in the more dimly lit back rooms

Mink and trout

This restaurant is situated in the heart of Cape Town. For those who enjoy fine dining can enjoy meals which are offered in a sophisticated and interesting way. There are only a few dishes to choose from, however, dynamite comes in small packages. The sleek tables and chairs line up on the sides of the room. There is also an open-plan kitchen with the view of diners. The light fixtures dotted around the room and restaurant adds a sense of romance and calmness.

  • The restaurant feels like a family home
  • Staff is well informed regarding the menu
  • the wine list is carefully selected to match the dish
  • Space is small but still open and welcoming

There you have, a few of the best restaurants in the Cape, different flavors, different cultures and an enjoyable treat for everyone. To top it all off we are able to transport you to your desired restaurant here at Cape Town Shuttle Services.


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