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Vehicle and Driver hire in Cape Town

Cape Town is the most popular international tourist destination in all of Africa. Thanks to its wonderful climate, beautiful scenery, and top infrastructure, visitors love going to the city’s beaches, as the coast is where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. It is spread out geography and this means a lot of back and forth via taxi or public transport. Instead of just relying on a cab or uber to get to and from multiple destinations in the city, why not hire a driver and vehicle for the day to take you from one destination to another hassle free while you and your partner enjoy the lovely scenery that the city has to offer.


chapman's peak

Chapman's peak drive

Apart from the world famous Table Mountain, other places are reached by road. A notable stretch of road is Chapman’s Peak Drive, which lies along the mountain of the same name linking Noordhoek and Hout Bay, passing the Atlantic and other mountains along the way. The beaches on both sides of town, touching both oceans, vary in temperature, giving high interest to tourists to sit at both sides in one day. There is False Bay within the Cape Peninsula, which runs from Gordon's Bay to Muizenberg, and is 6 degrees warmer than the other beaches in town, and the surfing-popular West Coast. The beaches in the area of Clifton are well developed with their cafes, bars, and restaurants. The distance between each attraction requires reliable driving in between.


Also along the shore, is the sweeping Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, which attracts 23 million people a year as a popular tourist attraction and shopping center. The Two oceans Aquarium and the ferry to Robben Island is located here as well and it is very close to Cape Town Stadium. Depending on where you are staying, a driver will be needed to take you there, some of the advantages of hiring a driver for the day would be that your driver would know just  the right places to drop you off and collect you at a later time, this prevents you from spending most of your day been stuck in traffic with the flexibility of been picked up at any time or location and not having to worry about a meter that is ruining outside in some cab or having to deal with 3 to 4 different drivers hoping that they would firstly find your proper location, then share a good level of communication with you and thirdly know his way around. When travelling out of the city to the Winelands which can be anything from an hour and 2 hours drive, it is just much more satisfying knowing that your driver is right outside waiting to take you to the next wine farm whenever you are ready.

Once again, a driver for hire is helpful after being under the influence from multiple wine tastings.

Hassle free travel

Hassle free travel

Apart from the tourism aspect, there is also the driving law and directions aspect of driving. Some people consider renting a car instead. Like any foreign country, however, there is always something different that could cause some issue later. Drive on the left hand side of the road and overtake on the right only. South Africa’s distances and speed


limits are in kilometers; the maximum speed on highways is 120km/h (75mph), and 60km/h (35mph) on urban streets. The maximum alcohol blood content level is just 0.05 percent, around one glass of wine. That’s just the basic laws of driving in South Africa. Unless you are familiar, we do not recommend driving on your own.

Having a professional driver in a foreign city and especially when you are not  familiar with the laws can become risky. In most instances travelers  would often opt to drive on their own to get from A to B but it often leads to confusion and could cause huge amounts of agony, confusion as well anger among travelers . Therefore having a dedicated driver could add so much more value to your day helping you ensure that your day remains fun and hassle free.

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