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Are you in need of suitable transportation for staff members? By law it states in Section 17(2) of the Basic Conditions of employment that “employees who earn below the BCEA threshold (R205, 433. 30 per annum) may only be required to perform night work if transportation is available between the employees’ place of residence and the workplace at the commencement and conclusion of the employees shift”



Our services offer transportation to staff members in need. We aware of the fact that there are often complications with regards to staff transportation. Complications including late arrivals, high rates, overloading and transferring clients from one vehicle to the other on the high way, which could be considered dangerous and putting the clients life in danger. We would like to give you peace of mind.


It can be scary for anyone to work late shifts and having to leave the workplace after hours, therefore getting home safe or even having transport could become a genuine issue. We understand the need revolving around this particular matter. Safety and security are some of the main concerns, therefore our transport services work hard at making you feel safe and secure after a hard working day.

Our drivers are well trained and professional. They are aware of the surroundings in the Western Cape, even within Townships.

24/7 Transportation

You don’t have to worry about whether or not we can fit into your schedule. Our services are able to work around your schedule, including after hour shifts, all for the benefit of the staff.



Our well-maintained vehicles dedicate its services to help improve your employees’ productivity by providing efficient transportation to work and back home on a daily basis.

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for safe, affordable and reliable transport you can count on us. Our prices vary, depending on the amount of staff etc.


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