Travel Tips for travellers

As another year has just passed, we are once again getting ready and gearing up for the end of year rush, most of you probably have it all planned out already.  Whether it’s your honeymoon or a well deserved family vacation, everyone is excited.

The festive season is definitely a great way to end off the year. However, it is no secret that things get ten times more crazier during the holidays. It is important to avoid any unnecessary hassles which   can ruin your festive spirit.

Prepare yourself!

The best gift you can give to yourself is avoiding the misery of travel related problems. While there is no guarantee that you can completely stay away from these type of issues you can still switch to other more feasible plans.

Below are some helpful travel tips for the festive season to ensure that everything will flow as smoothly as possible!

Luggage Guidelines

Packing can either be a burden or fun. Many of us tend to get too excited the moment we start packing for holidays. There is nothing wrong with being excited, but remember to be practical. You will indefinitely experience endless queues at the airport. Hence bare in mind to keep this part of your travel hassle-free.

Try to pack as light as possible, you will avoid extra cost by doing this. Limit yourself to minimum baggage and keep your important travel documents in a place within convenient and easy to reach spot.


Arrive Early

Things are much crazier during the festive season. To save yourself the disappointment, leave as early as you can rather early than late right? There is no harm if you arrive at the airport much earlier than the expected time. Have a coffee, read a book, shop if you need to. The Airport has a lot offer.

Things to do at the Airport

Cape Town International Airport has dozens of things to do, it’s in essence a mini shopping mall, for all the shop lovers. Whilst waiting for your flight or a loved one, you are able to eat at any of the restaurant options, shop for a last minute gift at one of the stores, the options are endless. With franchises many are familiar with, such as mug&bean and Spur.

Use Flight Trackers

Not everyone is aware of flight trackers, flight trackers are there to help you check for possibilities of delays or cancelled flights. It comes in hand especially during holiday season. To have peace of mind, gear up for adversities. Use technology to your advantage and be a step ahead of unnecessary problems.

Follow up.

Traffic is everyone biggest nightmare. In order to avoid delays and traffic jams – especially during the festive season – make sure to follow updates, through the radio or even on your cellular device. Technology has made it easier for us to know where the troubled areas are. Look for alternative routes to make your journey on the road causeless.


Keep these simple tips in mind, and have the happiest holidays!


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