Things to do in Cape Winelands:

If your plan is to take on the Cape Winelands and its surroundings, you would not want to miss out on these great activities. Time to experience and explore!

Cape Winelands…

Let’s begin…

1. Franschhoek Wine Tram

Forget about your vehicle and experience some of the best wine farms the country has to offer on a train.

2. Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch – which is situated 50km from Cape Town – is a small and vibrant town filled with some of the best wine farms with exquisite food and wine to taste. Come rain or sunshine this is a town for all seasons; boasting everything from wine tasting to markets.

3. Horse Riding

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the beauty of the Winelands on a horseback? if your answer is yes then contact Cape Winelands Riding and get ready to explore in a very unique way.

4. Paarl

Enjoy playing gold whilst sipping on some fine wines in this specific Western Cape town. Including magical views and plenty of heritage, Paarl is definitely a town worth experiencing.

5. The Rusta House in Mbekweni

Cape Winelands is best known for its beautiful views and sightseeing; check out the Rusta House, which is a five-story wooden rusta house. This building has been built by the owner for over 20 years. The owner also plans to add another two stories, wait till you see and experience that!

6. Wellington

If you’re tired of sipping on all the wines Cape Winelands has to offer, Wellington offers some amazing outings such as the perfect place which is a coffee shop where you can indulge in antiques. There is also the Wellington Museum, filled with spectacular historic artifacts.

7. Jordan Wines

Jordan wines offer more than just wine tasting; take a trip for an hour and a half wine safari and experience amazing views while sipping on special wines.
Guest are able to view False and Table Bay along the vines where grapes are cultivated.

8. Middlevlei Farm

If you would like to learn about blending your own wine then this is the place for you. Blending sessions last for an hour and a half, and tons of fun is guaranteed.

Cape Town…

1.Table Mountain

This is one of Cape Town’s most famous attractions. Explore on the cable car to the top of the mountain or challenge yourself with a hike. Whatever the choice may be once you get to the top of this amazing mountain you will be able to see the whole of Cape Town and beyond. You can experience this on our private tours in Cape Town, keeping browsing on the website for more information on our private tours:

2.V&A Waterfront

This place is situated in the heart of Cape Town’s harbour, the V&A Waterfront is a great place to experience everything; from shopping to eating at some the best restaurants with plenty to see and hear. It’s a great outing for the family lest we forget the big wheel to explore.

3.Lion’s Head

For all the fitness junkies strap on your comfy shoes and take a hike on one of the most spectacular mountains in Africa; Lion’s Head is sandwiched between Signal Hill and Table Mountain. Once you have reached the top you will enjoy the scenic views of Cape Town and see some of the countries amazing flora and fauna.

4.Two Oceans Aquarium

Want to see some of the native Cape Town sea life, including predators like sharks? Then take walk through Cape Towns aquarium. Wait there’ more, a penguin exhibit and Indian Ocean gallery to explore.

5.Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good hope is situated in the Cape Peninsula where you can experience some of the most spectacular views in Cape Town and enjoy a day out at the Cape of Good Hope. It also has a nature reserve for you to explore and is a scenic spot to have lunch at Cape Point.

6.Boulders Beach

This spectacular beach is home to more than 2000 endangered African penguins. It is an amazing place to see these sweet creatures in their natural habitat.

7.Robben Island

Robben Island is a small island situated 6.9km out to sea which holds an important part of South African history. It used to be used as a political prison during the Apartheid era. It is now open to the public as a tourist destination, where visitors are informed about Nelson Mandela’s (and other political prisoner’s) time on the Island.

8.Hop on, Hop off bus

It is time to relax hop onto this awesome sightseeing bus which is a great way to get connected with the city, this is a  double-decker bus which transports you around the city giving you the ins and outs about Cape Town.

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