Bugs Play Park

At Bugz Play Park

Bring your kids to a fun filled day at Bug Play Park. It’s great fun for you and the kids! It is open Monday to Sunday 9 to 5 pm.

Park information

  • Two large sandpit areas
  • Jungle gyms
  • Slides
  • Swings
  • A castle
  • Obstacles to crawl under or climb over

Token rides are open:

  • on weekends
  • Public holidays
  • School holidays
  • Water slides are only open from October right up until April
shuttle to bugs

bugs shuttle

However token rides are closed when the weather is bad, raining or pouring, therefore, an indoor section was built for your enjoyment. It is also closed on school term weekdays but a larger free play area is provided which is always open.

Price list

Weekdays – excluding school and public holidays

  • Adults – R30
  • Pensioners – R25
  • Kids – R45


  • Adults – R50
  • Pensioners – R25
  • Kids – R45

Public & School holidays

  • Adults – R50
  • Pensioners – R35
  • Kids – R60
  • VIP day pass – R120


Bugs life offers bucket loads of fun for you and the kids. Rides are charged by tokens over and above entrance fee.

  • The Choo Choo Train is available for all age groups and is free for all
  • Swing horses 3 – 6, 1 token for 3 minutes
  • Wave Slide Age 4 to 10 years, 1 token for 2 slides (remember your swimming costume, no underwear is allowed)
  • Horse Rides ages 3 to 12 at 3 tokens for 2 rounds
  • Pedal Bikes age 4 to 12, 2 tokens for5 minutes
  • Rowing Boats age 3 to 10, 1 token for 5 minutes
  • Zippy slide age 3 to 12 and is free for all
  • Toddler tractors age 3 to 5 years and is free for all
  • Speed waterslide ages 8 to 60 years, 1 token per slide (Only open from October to April)
  • Worm Train age 3 to 7, 1 token for 3 minutes


Please avoid lying about your age, the professionals at Bugs Play Park do their very best to make sure everyone enjoys the right things.


Free fun!

Along with fun kids are able to learn:

  • Sandpit allows kids to develop skills by exploring, experimenting, measuring and constructing.
  • Slides give kids full body experience
  • Monkey bars helps with flexibility and agility
  • Doll’s houses creates social and emotional development
  • Treehouse helps kids with building strength in upper body and core muscles

Mud Kitchen this is a fun sensory experience

  • Jungle Gym helps with pressure and resistance
  • Splash pool this teaches kids how to share a space with friends and family.

Food at Bugz

  • Chips
  • Cool drink
  • Slushies
  • Boerewors rolls (Pork free)
  • Chicken strips
  • Bugz Big Bite Restaurant –this kitchen is open 7 days a week, it is not halaal


If you’d like to host your kids’ party at Bugz Play Park, you can book now. They do everything, including the setup, decorating and the clean up after the mess. Prices start from R189 per child. In order to achieve a Bugz Birthday bash you will need a minimum of 10 kids.

  1. Select your theme
  2. Customize your party
  3. Book a date
  4. Pay a deposit of R1000
  5. Platters and drinks for parents can be ordered
  6. You can’t bring your own food and drinks
  7. Specify halaal or other

With that being said we here at Cape Town Shuttle services would gladly transport you to and from your choice of location. Making things much easier for you and the family.

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